Jeremy Renner headlines Diane Sawyer special; will make first red carpet appearance after snowplow accident

ABC News

Jeremy Renner‘s near-fatal snowplow accident and his subsequent recovery will take center stage in an April 6 ABC News special featuring an interview with the actor by Diane Sawyer.

The special will take an unflinching look at the January 1 accident, when Renner was trying to save his nephew from the seven-ton machine that began sliding in the snow. The actor was pulled under its tracks and crushed.

“I’d do it again!” Renner told Sawyer in a trailer for the special. “It was coming right for my nephew.”

The journalist details the litany of injuries he suffered, including, “Eight ribs broken in 14 places. Right knee, right ankle broken…Left leg…left ankle broken….right shoulder broken, face-eye socket broken, the jaw…broken. Lung collapsed; pierced by the rib bone, your liver.”

Renner insisted, “I was awake for every moment.”

The actor admits he feared being left looking like a “science experiment” after the wreck, later defiantly exclaiming, “I chose to survive! You’re not gonna kill me!”

He also comments, “I’ve lost a lot of flesh and bone in this experience but have been refueled and refilled with love — and titanium.”

And days after showing fans a workout session on an antigravity treadmill, Variety reports Renner will be putting that work to good use, walking the red carpet on April 11 at the Los Angeles premiere of his forthcoming Disney-plus series, Rennervations.

The four-part series will see the big-screen superhero and real-life renovation expert rehabbing vehicles and donating them to communities that need them the most.

Renner has previously called the work “one of my biggest passions” and “a driving force in my recovery,” adding of the show, “I can’t wait for the world to see it.”

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