“Not true”: James Gunn shoots down ‘Superman’ casting rumors

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In the comics and on the big screen, Kryptonite can take down Superman, but in real life, DC Studios co-CEO James Gunn has the power to reduce Superman rumors to rubble.

That’s just what he did on social media very recently, taking to task several outlets and online prognosticators that said his Man of Steel in the forthcoming Superman: Legacy was already cast.

Grace Randolph, who runs the YouTube channel Beyond The Trailer, tweeted Wednesday, “I hear they are VERY close to a #Superman casting – might not be announced for awhile but it could leak Very very close… Role MIGHT even be cast or in final talks…”

Gunn, who wrote the script and will be directing, replied flatly, “Not true.”

He added, “Haven’t had a single talk with a single actor about the role. Just making private lists, prepping material for auditions.”

The Guardians of the Galaxy vet also took the time to dump an extra pail of cold water on another Randolph “scoop” that Logan Lerman was a shoo-in.

Gunn noted, “For the record, I don’t know who that is,” quickly adding, because the internet, “Guys, this isn’t a dig at the actor. I don’t know lots of actors’ names. Now that you tell me who he is, I recognize him from stuff and think he’s talented.”

He insisted, however, “But I’ve never met him, and he’s never been part of a conversation about playing Superman.”

As reported, Gunn faced flak online after it was revealed Henry Cavill wouldn’t be returning as the Man of Steel as a Black Adam after-credits scene promised.

Superman: Legacy is scheduled to open in theaters on July 11, 2025.

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