Halle Berry’s naked wine break breaks the Internet


When Halle Berry decided to take a break with a glass of wine — and from wearing clothes — people were watching.

The Oscar winner on Saturday posted to social media a snap of herself standing on a balcony in her birthday suit, sipping from a wine glass, captioning it “I do what I want.”

The caption was short, but the picture, as they say, was worth a thousand words — and more than 268,000 likes on Twitter. On Instagram, it earned more than 661,000 likes and counting.

For the record, Halle is posed in such a way as to somewhat protect her modesty.

That said, for all the supportive comments, plenty took the 56-year-old star to task, likening the photo to Madonna‘s recent naked snaps as thirsty. One Twitter user snarked in part, “What’s wrong Halle is the girl playing the little mermaid taking all your attention???”

Still, many were all in, including one commenter who said, “How I want to spend my 50s…”

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