Arnold Schwarzenegger has daddy issues in the new trailer to Netflix’s action-comedy series ‘FUBAR’


Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in action in the full trailer to his upcoming Netflix action-comedy series FUBAR.

His character, a retired CIA agent, is dragged back into service to extract an important asset, only to find out it’s his daughter, played by Top Gun: Maverick‘s Monica Barbaro.

Safe to say, it’s a shock for the overprotective dad, who’d still like to think his little girl is still, well, a little girl. “Alcohol, cigarettes, and garish lipstick!” he frets, until he realizes the vibrating item he’s just picked up is only made to look like a tube of lipstick.

“Kill me now!” his daughter exclaims.

Comedienne and actress Fortune Feimster is also game as a wise-cracking sidekick, much like Tom Arnold was for Schwarzenegger in True Lies, and Ah-nuld’s Terminator: Dark Fate co-star Gabriel Luna also stars.

Netflix teases, “A CIA Operative on the verge of retirement discovers a family secret. Forced to go back into the field for one last job, the series tackles universal family dynamics set against a global backdrop of spies, action and humor.”

The show debuts May 25.

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