‘Mrs. Davis’ stars Betty Gilpin and Jake McDorman debate the benefits of AI

Courtesy of Peacock

The new series Mrs. Davis stars Betty Gilpin as Sister Simone, a nun on a mission to destroy an AI, the aforementioned Mrs. Davis, who seems to have control over most people on Earth. The series mixes drama, comedy and even some absurdity, as it explores the role AI and technology play in our lives today, which Gilpin realizes is a very timely subject.

Gilpin tells ABC Audio, “I think the show and Simone are asking the same question we are right now which is, is this thing our savior or our downfall? Is this gonna fix everything or is it going to be the end of humanity?”

And Gilpin isn’t so sure AI is the savior some people make it out to be, noting, “I do think that there is a connection to the inexplicable that we are kind of gambling with if we’re so addicted to having all the answers in our pocket.” She adds, “and I think that our show is pretty honest about the benefits and the possible curse.”

Co-star Jake McDorman, who plays Wyatt, Sister Simone’s ex-boyfriend and leader of The Resistance, understands a lot of people worry about AI taking over and replacing people in jobs, but notes the show also looks at bigger implications of too much technology.

“What would it do to faith? How many other things would kind of vanish and evaporate if it was demystified?” he asks, adding, “[It’s] an interesting conversation to have and our show kind of has those conversations.”  

Mrs. Davis premieres Thursday, April 20 on Peacock.


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