“We all need a roadmap”: Matthew McConaughey hosting self-help virtual live event, ‘The Art of Livin”


Matthew McConaughey, who in 2020 published his New York Times bestseller Greenlights, took to Instagram to promote a live self-help event.

The Oscar-winning actor is offering the public some of the life lessons he put in the book and some of the guidance he’s learned from “some of the wonderful mentors” he’s had over his 53 years.

He calls the event The Art of Livin’ and enthuses, “It’s like nothing I’ve ever done before.”

McConaughey, sitting casually between his beloved Airstream trailer and, perhaps predictably, a bongo, begins his pitch by saying, “You ever have the gut feelin’ that maybe you were meant for more, but you weren’t sure about the next best steps to achieve it? Me too.”

He continues, “I’m not talking about just more money, or more things. I’m talking about more love, more joy, more choice, more balance, more trust.”

“What’s your more?” he asks.

With the help of guests like Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and other “really smart people,” McConaughey promises, “We’re gonna get under the hood and work out what the hell we’re doing there, and how we get where we really wanna go.”

“Now I’m not sayin’ I’ve got all the answers,” McConaughey says in the spot, “And I’m not saying I’m making straight As in all the areas of my life that we’re gonna be talking about.”

But, he says, “I do know this: We all need a roadmap.”

While the event is free, there’s also a VIP option for $47, with some of the proceeds buying meals for Feeding America. That gets people face time with the star via Zoom and an extended Q&A session with him and his guests.

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