Patti LuPone disses Kim Kardashian’s bow on ‘American Horror Story’

Bravo/Charles Skykes

Bringing back a New Year’s Eve segment he shared with CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Watch What Happens Live! host Andy Cohen on Sunday night quizzed outspoken Broadway legend Patti LuPone about what she thinks about Kim Kardashian‘s upcoming acting turn.

The segment “Do They Give A Damn?” had LuPone answering emphatically, “Yes, I do!” regarding Kim’s forthcoming starring role on American Horror Story.

Cohen said, “You don’t like it, do you?”

“No, I don’t,” she seethed. Cohen asked if it’s because it’s taking away a role from someone else.

“From actors,” she says. “Excuse me, excuse me, Kim. You know, what are you doing with your life? Don’t get on the stage, Mrs. Worthington,” LuPone said sarcastically, a reference to Noël Coward’s 1935 song of the same name.

For his part, her partner in the game, fellow Tony winner John Leguizamo, said, “Whatever she said, I double the emotion!”

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