“Kim K. is retiring”: Kim Kardashian says she’d give up the reality show life for a law career

ABC/Randy Holmes

While Kim Kardashian has conquered reality TV and become a billionaire thanks to her business ventures, she claims she’d leave fame behind for the law.

Kim took part in a 2023 TIME100 Summit Q&A with journalist Poppy Harlow on Tuesday. The mogul, who in 2021 passed California’s First-Year Law Students Examination, commonly called the “baby bar,” sees seeking justice as her future.

“I always joke with my mom — who’s my manager — I say, ‘Kim K. is retiring, and I’m just going to be an attorney,” says Kim, the daughter of the late, famed attorney Robert Kardashian.

Kim, who did not go to law school, revealed she’ll take the full bar exam in February 2025. “There are so many things wrong in our [justice] system,” Kardashian said, adding her pursuit of Alice Marie Johnson‘s release from prison five years ago changed the trajectory of her own life. “But once I saw that I could make a difference, I couldn’t stop.”

Kim said she would “absolutely” consider a professional life off-camera. “I would be just as happy being an attorney full time,” she expressed. “There’s so much to be done.”

She added, “I would totally spend more time doing that, cameras or no cameras.”

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