Pete Davidson says he became a Rod Stewart fan to fool his mom

Mike Garten/Good Housekeeping

When you’re a kid and you’re not allowed to listen to “forbidden” music, you get creative — which is how Pete Davidson says he inadvertently became a Rod Stewart fan.

The comedian and Edie Falco, the co-star of his new Peacock series Bupkis, appear on the cover of a limited-edition Mother’s Day issue of Good HousekeepingInside, Pete interviews Falco and his wisecracking mother, Amy, who jokes that what she does on Mother’s Day is “usually, Pete’s laundry.” Pete also shares a story about how he tried to hide his favorite album from his mom.

“When I was younger, I bought the uncensored Eminem Show CD, which of course I wasn’t allowed to have,” Pete recalls. “So I kept it in a Rod Stewart jewel case.”

“My mom noticed, and for years she’d play Rod Stewart to have something we could bond over,” he continues. “I’d be sitting in the car and suddenly she’d say ‘It’s Rod!’ and start singing along to ‘Maggie May.’ I had to learn the songs just to keep the lie going.”

As a result, Pete admits, “I kinda learned to like Rod Stewart.”

Bupkis, described as a “fictionalized account of Pete Davidson’s real life,” starts streaming May 4.

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