Pete Davidson, his real mom and his ‘Bupkis’ mom, Edie Falco, share Mother’s Day memories

Mike Garten/Good Housekeeping

Pete Davidson, his real-life mom, Amy, and his TV mom, Edie Falco, from his upcoming series Bupkis are featured in a new Mother’s Day issue of Good Housekeeping.

In fact, one of the covers has “Good” scratched out, with “Bad” in its place.

Both of Pete’s moms shared their favorite Mother’s Day memories, with Amy enthusing that Pete once “outdid himself” and made her an entire croquembouche, a tower of cream puffs. “It was … how I knew my little boy had something special, if this was what he could pull off when he focused his love and energy.”

Davidson said, “Mother’s Day is an important holiday in my household. We’re a close family, and growing up, my sister and I always tried to make things special, although I wasn’t always good at it. I’m pretty sure I bought her the same Britney Spears perfume eight years in a row.”

Amy added, “I never wore it, but I always appreciated it.”

Falco expressed, “When my kids were very little, they decided to have my breakfast waiting for me when I came downstairs in the morning. It was dinosaur oatmeal … Now, they were little, so … they also didn’t quite know the difference between the salt and the sugar, so it wasn’t the best cup of coffee I ever tasted, but they won some serious points for adorableness.”

Amy also said getting to appear on the Mother’s Day episode of Saturday Night Live every year during Pete’s run was her favorite gift, adding, “I got to meet Benedict Cumberbatch! And Jack White! We talked for over an hour. We’re friends now.”

Pete replied, “No, you’re not. And that wasn’t Jack White.”

Whoever it was, they all apparently played miniature golf together, according to Amy.

Bupkis debuts on Peacock May 4.

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