Smells like $20 million: Johnny Depp sets record for biggest perfume payday with Dior deal

Kevin Dietsch/Getty Images

Johnny Depp and Dior are staying in business together, in a deal Variety says is a record for a fragrance endorsement.

Dior is reportedly re-upping his contract with the star, to whom the brand stayed loyal through his messy, headline-making divorce and subsequent defamation battle with ex-wife Amber Heard, to the tune of $20 million.

The trade notes the three-year deal, which will have him keep pitching his Sauvage cologne, dwarfs the previous record-holder, Robert Pattinson, who reportedly got $12 million to pitch Dior Homme.

Similar celebrity scent-related deals usually only net in the six-figure range, like Brad Pitt‘s $7 million Chanel No. 5 deal, Variety explains.

Depp’s fanbase is deep: As reported last year, sales of Sauvage went through the roof during last year’s defamation case, as fans’ way of showing support to the star.

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