Fans appreciate Mimi Webb’s “Red Flags” — and so does Harry Styles


British singer Mimi Webb, best known for her songs “Good Without” and “House on Fire,” has her biggest U.S. hit yet with “Red Flags.” While it’s based on her experience ignoring the warning signs in her relationship, she believes we’ve all been there.

“I feel like we all go through that relationship … a relationship that you know isn’t right for you,” she tells ABC Audio. “It’s like kind of screaming out to you, but you just kind of continue with it.”

“That was the relationship I was in, so I felt like I really wanted to write a song that everyone could really relate to and really understand,” she adds. “And something just that kind of calls it out as it is. And I feel like I’ve really put it in black and white.”

Some fans are relating to the song so much that they’ve ended their own “red flag” relationships.

Mimi laughs, “I’ve had a few stories of people … [who] kind of knew, but when they heard that song, that kind of put it in black and white, they were like, ‘Oh my God, I need to get out of this.'”

“Red Flags” is from Mimi’s debut album, Amelia, which came out earlier this month. Amelia is her birth name, and she chose that title because she wanted fans to “see the differences between Mimi and Amelia,” she notes. While making it, she listened to other artists for inspiration, including Harry Styles — and then got to meet him at the BRIT Awards.

“Harry was so, so nice, so lovely,” she says. “It was such an honor to meet him. I’m such a fan. And, yeah, he loved ‘Red Flags’ and ‘House on Fire’ and we were chatting away … it was just incredible.”

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