Adam Lambert defends Harry Styles: “Why do we expect them to stay so tightly boxed in?”

ABC/Paula Lobo

Harry Styles has come under fire recently for how he expresses himself through fashion, such as by painting his nails or wearing dresses. Some critics have likened his decision to “queerbaiting,” or appropriating the LGBTQ+ community for points. But Adam Lambert feels otherwise.

“If someone is exploring something within themselves on a public level, why don’t we just give them the space to sort of explore it?” Adam told the U.K.’s Heart Radio.

Adam continued, “It’s becoming widely understood that gender is fluid, that sexuality can be fluid. Why should we not apply that same idea to our public figures? Why do we expect them to stay so tightly boxed in, in these black and white ideas?”

Adam also declares that the world has changed and “people want to know what you’re about.”

“It’s powerful to be honest,” he added.

Harry hasn’t publicly spoken about his sexuality and generally declines to speak about his rumored romances.


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