Lance Bass reveals his top songs from NSYNC’s ‘No Strings Attached’ album

Jesse Grant/Getty Images for the Environmental Media Association

NSYNC’s No Strings Attached recently celebrated its 23rd birthday, and Lance Bass revealed what tracks are his favorites. Shockingly, the space-loving singer didn’t even place “Space Cowboy (Yippie-Yi-Yay)” in the top five.

Taking to TikTok, Lance told fans in the caption, “I made my choices, sorry not sorry!”

The video sees him playing a clip of each of the album’s 12 songs and dancing along before revealing where they ranked on his list.

Lance’s favorite song was “It Makes Me Ill,” which was never released as a single. The same goes for his second-place pick, which was “I Thought She Knew.”

Rounding out the top five were “Bye Bye Bye,” “This I Promise You” and “It’s Gonna Be Me,” which were all released as singles.

As for the bottom portion of Lance’s list, it starts with “Just Got Paid” in sixth place. In descending in order, he ranks “Digital Get Down,” “That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You,” “Space Cowboy” and “I’ll be Good For You” in slots seven through 10.

As for his least favorite songs on the album, he revealed he dislikes the album’s title track and “Bringin’ Da Noise” the most, respectively placing them in 11th and 12th place.

Fans pushed back against Lance’s list and demanded a redo, but the singer wouldn’t budge and responded to one disappointed critic, “I said what I said.”

No Strings Attached was released March 21, 2000. To date, it is certified 14-times Platinum by the RIAA. 

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