Jimin reveals he didn’t have any ambition to be in BTS, credits Suga for changing his mind


Jimin recently revealed he originally wasn’t enthused about being a member of BTS and revealed his bandmate, Suga, changed his mind.

He appeared on Suga’s talk show, Suchwita, to promote his new album, FACE

The singer reflected on starting his music career over a decade ago and said, translated from Korean, “When I first joined the agency as a trainee, I didn’t have any ambition to be on the team. Because I didn’t think it was my team.”

He credited Suga with making him feel welcome. “I still remember the lights were off and we were in our beds. I think we all woke up because [RM] was snoring. You were on the top bunk and … you said, ‘You’re a good singer so I really want you to be on our team,'” he recalled. “That’s when my ambition sparked.”

When asked where he’ like to go next, Jimin said he’d want to go to 2025 — the year BTS is expected to reform after all the members complete their mandatory military service. “By then, we’ll all be together … I wonder what we’ll be like, too,” he noted.

He and Suga expressed excitement for 2025, adding they think they’ll have a lot of fun making new music with the group because everyone was able to pursue solo projects during their hiatus. 

Until the band reforms, fans can relive one of BTS’ biggest U.S. concert on Disney+, BTS: PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE – LA.

In other BTS news, a pop-up store will open in New York City to celebrate their 10th anniversary as a band. Fans can visit The BTS POP-UP: Space of BTS on the third floor of The Shops & Restaurants at Hudson Yards starting April 27.

It will stay open for three months.

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