Mimi Webb reveals her dream tour partner and her “massive goal” to “break in America”

Frank Fieber

“Red Flags” singer Mimi Webb toured the U.S. last year with Tate McRae, but the British artist says she’s still got a long way to go before she’s as successful in America as she is back home in England.

“That’s like a massive goal for me…as a U.K. artist, to be able to break in America, that really is like the highest honor,” she tells ABC Audio. “And I think, just for America to understand and get my music is just the dream.”

Mimi is currently on tour in the U.K. but she says the next step towards attaining her goal is to come back and do more of it in America.

“I want to go back in and hopefully get on another big tour and just kind of, y’know, go bigger and bigger and just kind of grow as an artist and learn someone else’s fan base, and try and see what they think of my music,” she explains.

In fact, Mimi already has an idea of which “big tour” she’d like to get on.  But something tells us she’ll have to get in line.

“You know, for me, even like the Miley Cyrus tour would be just such a dream come true,” says Mimi. “I’m also a huge fan of Miley Cyrus. I just love the kinda like country twang on her vocals. And it’s just like, she’s not just an American artist: There’s something also a lot more soulful and deep there.”

“So yeah, that would be like a really big dream to be able to do her tour or something!” she laughs.

Of course, Miley has yet to announce any sort of tour for her Endless Summer Vacation album.  If she does, it’ll likely be a hot ticket, thanks to the success of “Flowers.”

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