Suga’s track list for ‘D-DAY’: collabs with J-Hope, late Oscar-winning composer

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Suga has released the track list for his upcoming solo album, D-DAY.

Among the guests: his BTS bandmate J-Hope on a song called “HUH?!” and on the song “Snooze,” Ryuichi Sakamoto, an Oscar-winning composer who passed away on March 28. J-Hope also co-wrote the final song on the album, “Life Goes On.”

Suga is releasing the album, due April 21, under the alias Agust D. It completes the trilogy started by his mixtapes Agust D and D-2.

Suga told Billboard that he’s “a little bit worried” about releasing the music under the name Agust D, because “the goal … is for as many people to listen to my music as possible.”

One theme of the album, which you can hear on the song “People Pt. 2,” is loneliness. Suga told Billboard, “Not only me, everyone has this loneliness inside them until the moment they die. However deep you are in a relationship, how much you engage with other people, how many friends you meet, or how often you meet with your family, you always have the loneliness inside.”

Here’s the track listing for D-DAY:

“HUH?!” (featuring J-Hope)
“People Pt. 2”
“Polar Night”
“Interlude: Dawn”
“Snooze” (featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kim Woosung of The Rose)
“Life Goes On”


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