Lizzy McAlpine’s “next level” tour will have plenty of “Ceilings” fans

Caity Krone

Lizzy McAlpine‘s The End of the Movie tour kicks off Tuesday night in Denver, and all those new fans she’s made thanks to “Ceilings” are getting a show that’s also new.

“We toured in the fall and…we didn’t have a bass player and we didn’t really have a set. We just had a rug,” she laughs. “And this time we’re adding my bass player back, and adding set design and lighting, and…we’re really elevating it. So I’m very excited to take it to the next level.”

Now, about all those new fans: Lizzy says the ones who’ve been following her since her 2020 debut album Give Me a Minute and the ones who just discovered her thanks to “Ceilings” are just going to have to figure out how to get along.

“A lot of people will be like, ‘I was here like before “Ceilings” blew up on TikTok!’ and ‘I was here since Give Me a Minute!’ and all this stuff,” she tells ABC Audio. “And I think it’s funny. I mean, I don’t know, you join when you join and we’re all on the same train, y’know?”

“They’re very territorial,” she laughs. “They’re very protective. I love it!”

Lizzy also loves the fact that generally, the people who come to see her are singing all her songs back to her.

“It’s really insane. It’s so cool because, like, they know every word to every song,” she tells ABC Audio. “There will probably be people on this tour that maybe only know “Ceilings,” but for the majority, like last tour, everyone knew every word to every song.”

“it’s just so cool to see that my art has had an impact on so many people,” she says. “It’s crazy!” 

Lizzy’s sold-out tour wraps May 13 in Okland, CA.

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