Yet another reason to be jealous of Jennifer Lopez


Let’s see: Jennifer Lopez is a movie star, a chart-topping recording artist, a beauty mogul, a fashion icon, a mom to two great kids, a multimillionaire, and she’s married to an Oscar-winning actor and director. But it turns out there’s yet another reason to be jealous of J.Lo, and you can blame her husband, Ben Affleck, for spilling the beans about it.

Appearing on The Drew Barrymore Show on Friday, Affleck told Barrymore, “Let me tell you something that’s gonna upset you. Jennifer just eats whatever she wants.” 

As a look of shock slowly crept over Barrymore’s face, he continued, “Whatever she wants. Pizza, cookies, ice cream … everything.”

“Is it the working out?” Barrymore asked. “She works out,” Affleck confirmed. “I mean, I work out too, but I don’t magically appear to be 20 years old, you know what I mean, with perfect skin and the whole thing.”

He continued, “There’s no taking away the work ethic. The work ethic is real, the discipline is real, but also the superhuman thing is real. She’s the most gorgeous woman in the world, she looks spectacular.”

At that point, Drew laid down on the couch she was sitting on and closed her eyes. “Did I put you to sleep?” Affleck asked.

“No, I’m swooning,” she laughed. “This is me living vicariously through romance and men appreciating women and all of it!”

Of course, Ben may not be paying close attention. Earlier this month, Women’s Health collected all the things that J.Lo and her trainers have said about her diet. In reality, she allegedly only eats organic whole foods, drinks water all day long, avoids alcohol and caffeine, eats a lot of leafy greens, and snacks on fruits and vegetables.

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