Kane Brown says “Thank God” duet’s a hit because it features “two people that really love each other”

Rick Kern/Getty Images for CMT

Kane Brown and his wife, Katelyn, topped the country charts with their duet “Thank God.” Now, it’s inside the top 30 on the pop charts. Kane says he’s not surprised and is thrilled that Katelyn, a pop/R&B artist who put her career on hold when she married Kane, is getting her chance in the spotlight.

“I mean, Kate loves R&B and pop and, like, you know, big singers like Whitney Houston and all that, like, her voice just naturally leads there. So I think that’s, like, a huge reason,” Kane told reporters when asked why the song appeals to pop music fans.

But in addition to the vocals, Kane thinks people like hearing a love song sung by a husband and wife.

“The song to me is really well written and written for any format that you want to put it at,” he noted. “Plus, it’s actually two people that really love each other singing that type of song … I think it just meshes well and everybody can relate to it.”

But Kane, who shares daughters Kingsley and Kodi with Katelyn, says seeing his wife be able to fulfill her musical ambitions is definitely the best thing about the success of “Thank God.”

“I mean, Kate’s always been an artist and, you know, she’s stepped back and is doing the mom and wife thing and she’s … holding our house together,” Kane says. “And she sings all the time. She loves music. So just to get to do that with her and get to live her dream with her means the world to me.”

Kane’s on tour all through this summer, and Katelyn’s been joining him on stage to sing “Thank God.”

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