Coi Leray says her forthcoming album will be “one of the biggest projects ever”

ABC/Randy Holmes

Coi Leray just dropped a new single, “Bops,” which the star says “just has big energy.”

“I got to talk my s***. I like to talk my s***. I like to say what I got to say,” she said of the song when speaking to Apple Music. She says she heard the Johnny Goldstein-produced beat while working on her second studio album and instantly thought, “Oh my God, this s*** is going to be insane.”

“Bops” follows the chart-topping success of “Players” and precedes “My Body,” which Coi plans to release Friday. All songs will appear on what she says will be “one of the biggest projects ever.”

“I’m so excited about this second album because it’s mostly myself. I told myself, like, I have a couple features, which I’m going to keep discreet because it’s only literally a little bit, not even a handful, but I’ve been working on this project constantly, constantly,” says Coi.

“When it comes to my melodies, my versatility, whether if I’m rapping, singing, doing the baby voice, if I’m dancing or whatever it is, I’m just that girl. And I say that in the most humble way,” she continues. 

Coi says the new album will show her “true talent and what God really brought me here to do” and that she hopes it will make people focus on the music rather than the negative headlines. “This is just Coi on a whole ‘nother level, and that’s a little hint for you,” she says.

Her desire is to “become the next icon, the next It girl for my generation,” Coi adds. “I feel like I am the best of my generation, I’m not even gonna lie to you … it’s time for people to wake up and understand I’m here forever.”

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