Jonas Brothers on their “transparent, open and honest” new music, ‘Candy Crush’ partnership

Hamish Brown

Jonas Brothers has teamed with the mobile game Candy Crush: The brothers have been transformed into “Candified” characters, and players can now unlock exclusive new music in-game. One of the new songs is a remix of their latest hit, “Waffle House,” which Nick Jonas says is an example of the deeply personal music you’ll find on their new release. 

“This song is just inherently about family and community and the people that, y’know, you have the good, the bad and the ugly with,” Nick tells ABC Audio. “And it was definitely an intentional thought to write music about things we never talked about, but we didn’t know that it would really connect in this way.”

“We talk about family and, and fatherhood in a way that we’ve never spoken about in our music before,” says Nick the proud dad of daughter Malti Marie.

“I think as an artist, you push yourself to be as transparent and kind of open and honest as possible with your fans, hoping that it will have a deeper connection,” he notes. “But we’ve been just absolutely floored with how this song in particular has connected with our fan base and people all over the world. And it’s really exciting!”

As for the Candy Crush partnership, Nick says it makes sense because of the game’s “multi-generational impact” — which also describes their music.

“I think that one of the really exciting things about the past couple weeks [and] months of playing shows has just been to see parents who used to bring their teenagers now coming with their adult kids and their kids,” he explains.

Candy Crush is obviously a beloved household name. And it really does hit many, many different age groups and audiences. And it also is just super fun!”

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