Niall Horan reveals the two artists he’d most like to perform with on tour

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Niall Horan has a bunch of festival dates coming up, but when his own headlining tour in support of his new album, The Show, kicks off, he says he’d love to have his musical pals — and musical heroes — join him onstage.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Niall says, “Any city I go to, if I’m friends with an artist from that city and they happen to be there, I’ll always see if I can get them to come up and sing one of theirs or one of mine with me … that would be my ideal: maybe someone I know from Chicago, or someone I know from San Fran, or whatever.”

Asked who would be his number one pick to perform with, Niall, who’s a classic rock fan through and through, replied, “Springsteen would be pretty sick. Imagine being up in Asbury Park [New Jersey] and playing with Bruce Springsteen.”

He added, “I performed with Taylor [Swift] before at Wembley Stadium, and that was magic. Obviously, I would love to do it again. She’s a busy lady at the moment.”

When EW points out Taylor’s had a few guests onstage during her Eras Tour, Niall jokes, “She knows where I am.”

The Show, Niall’s third solo record, is out June 9. Niall tells EW, “I would say this is probably the more mature-sounding album [of the three]. There’s no heartbreak on this one, which allows you to write different types of songs. That’s probably the biggest difference.”

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