Sorry, Swifties — that $45 book you preordered isn’t Taylor’s memoir


Taylor Swift‘s a bit busy these days, between her Eras Tour and rerecording all her old albums. But some fans still apparently believed she had enough time to write a memoir, which is due to be released in July. Well, she hasn’t, but that didn’t stop hopeful Swifties from ordering a random book in the mistaken belief she wrote it.

The book in question doesn’t have a title or an author listed. It’s only known 4C Untitled Flatiron Nonfiction Summer 2023According to Variety, thanks to preorders, the $45 tome has made it into the top 10 on Amazon’s sales chart and to number one on Barnes & Noble’s website.

Variety has confirmed that the book is not, in fact, by Taylor — instead, it’s by some unnamed celebrity. One book-related gossip account claims that it’s related to K-pop superstars BTS, but that’s nowhere near confirmed, according to Variety.

The magazine says a screen shot of the book’s sales pitch describes it as a “fun, celebratory title” that will “skew slightly younger” and have “massive publicity.” The pitch compares it to Prince Harry‘s Spare or Matthew Perry‘s recent memoir.

So why are fans convinced that it’s by Taylor? According to Variety, a document on social media claimed that the book’s title and author would be revealed on June 13 — 13 being Taylor’s lucky number, of course — and that it has 544 pages. And 5 + 4 + 4 = 13, duh!

There’s also the fact that the book is coming out July 9. Taylor fans know that’s a date she specifically mentions in the lyrics of her song “Last Kiss” on Speak Now.

But again, Variety has confirmed the book wasn’t written by Taylor. 

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