Book that fans thought was Taylor Swift’s memoir is actually about BTS


Taylor Swift fans became convinced that an unnamed book due for release July 9 would be the singer’s memoir.  But it turns out it’s a book about another music act with an equally devoted fanbase: BTS.

Flatiron Books has confirmed to ABC News that July 9 will bring Beyond the Story: 10-Year Record of BTS. The 544-page book features an oral history of the group, as well as exclusive photographs.  The initial printing will be one million copies.

As the New York Times notes, July 9 was the date the group’s fan collective ARMY, was founded. The initial announcement of the book was set to come on June 13, which will be the K-pop superstars’ 10th anniversary.

Fans thought the book had something to do with Taylor because, among other things, July 9 is a date mentioned in one of her songs, and 13 is her lucky number.

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