Report: “Traumatized” Britney Spears won’t tour again, but will continue to make music

Britney Spears still loves making music, but don’t expect her to ever return to touring — because of her past trauma.

That’s according to an insider who tells Page Six, “For so many years, [Britney] was handed grueling itineraries and made to perform — even before her conservatorship.” The source claims things got really bad after Britney’s Las Vegas residency, Piece of Me, ended in 2018, only for her team to send her on an international tour.

“She desperately needed a break after four years in Vegas and didn’t get one,” dishes the insider. “And then they had the nerve to book a second Vegas residency right after.”

That second residency, Domination, never happened, because Britney was reportedly committed to a mental health facility by her father just weeks before it was to have started.  

But now that Britney’s conservatorship is over, the source says, “She has talked about recording again and has gotten plenty of offers, some of which she’s turned down, but it’s all about timing and picking the right projects. She’s savvy like that.”

“She still loves dancing and making music,” adds the source.

Since her conservatorship ended, Britney scored her first top 10 hit in nearly 10 years with her Elton John collaboration “Hold Me Closer.” She also got married and signed a reported $15 million deal for her memoir.

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