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15 years ago I graduated high school in Thomasville, Alabama with a very poorly thought out intention of becoming an actor. One small problem with that, apparently you have to actually move out of the south to get that ball rolling! Who would’ve thought, right? After those dreams were crushed, I quite literally fell backwards right into what would quickly become my true passion. At 19 years old I cracked the mic at WJDB 95.5 in Thomasville as the morning man. Which is not typically how one starts out” in this industry. After 3 years of hosting “Ryan in the morning”, I moved back to Mississippi (which has always been home) to pursue a broadcast degree at mcc. I then became the co host of Rob and Ryan on 106.9 the eagle(the college station). That gig opened up the door for me to get an offer to come work at the station that I grew up listening to my entire life, q101. Starting at nights, then moving to afternoons, I knew that I had found my calling, and at my all time favorite station, too.

When I’m not running my mouth on air, I enjoy golf, college football (war eagle) and I am a self proclaimed television junkie! No really, you should see my monthly streaming service bill. Not a day goes by that I don’t count my blessings for being able to do this thing I love each and every day, and that’s getting to talk with you each afternoon right here on q101, q101rdio.Net, the free q101 app or your smart speakers!